Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PPIA Monash member and committee?

PPIA Monash member is a membership that is provided by the organization for people to gain access to PPIA Monash exclusive events and various promotions. On the other hand, PPIA Monash committee is a group of people that has been assigned to take part on operating and improving the organization as a whole.

How do you apply for PPIA Monash committee?

PPIA Monash have an open-recruitment once every year and that when people have a chance on being part of the PPIA Monash committee. People who want to apply will need to send their CV and possibly go through the interview stage.

What kind of events are there in PPIA Monash?

PPIA Monash have various kinds of events, diversing from the small to large scale events. All the upcoming and past events along with its details are available on the ‘events’ page or accessible on PPIA Monash instagram – @ppiamonash.

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